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Below you will find some information about leveraging the BONUS Portfolio layouts we include within the Joostrap templates.

Animated Responsive Layout – Portfolio

Isotope is an advanced responsive grid layout with a number of options.  In our basic implementation this allows you to specify a columnar a bit like people normally expect from a Joomla category – except it also has cool filter buttons that filters to sub-categories as the items fly around the page re-organising themselves.  It also has a similar action even if there is only a single ccategory level, where it doesn’t show the filter buttons, but still has things moving around the page on change of device orientation or browser window size.

Examples of this can be seen at:

There is plans for this layout to have exte3nded functionality added to it, as the isotope plugin has a number of layout options … but getting them to owkr in a „Joomla“ way can be a little tricky when we break out of the traditional Joomla columnar blog layouts.  Keep your self posted on what we’re doing via the Joostrap social media channels and email list .. all available in the footer of our main site.